How strong is a .25mg Alprazolam?

Pillget.comAlprazolam .25 mg
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Alprazolam .25 mg
How strong is a .25mg Alprazolam?

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1 answer • 17 Feb 2013.

First, I apologize if some part of this english writing is incorrect, and I am grateful for you taking the time for reading this. I was prescribed.

I think that is the lowest dose of that particular medication, but, if she took a few at a time, look for lethargy, sleepiness, uncoordination, speech slurring, or tipsiness to l if she has taken a few of them.

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2 answers • 7 Mar 2016 More FDA updates.

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3 answers • 27 Dec 2014.

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twenty-six years on Alprazolam and after going without a day seem to have tremors, unable to walk normal, parkinson like symptoms I am guessing.

I went to the ER last night because of anxiety and they gave me 1mg of alprazolam and I feel sleepy but relaxed :) but usually my doctor prescribes.

1 answer • 11 Oct 2009.

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3 answers • 29 May 2014.

Hi! Ive been taking sertraline 25mg for 1 week now for depression/anxiety. I was prescribed 50mg but the first one i took made me feel so ill so i.

Like say my 13 year old was taking these how many would he have to take for someone to notice? pretty much are they strong or do you have to take alot? 25 Apr 2010.

Alprazolam .25 mg